Just like the shamrock, here are three simple ways to be festive this St Paddy’s Day that will make everyone green with envy☘️


Rather than a bright green shamrock painted on your cheek, here at Boho Betty we have put on our thinking caps and tested a new cute method.

Pick up a NYX professional green eyeliner called ‘ENVY’ at your local drugstore. With this you can paint a small ‘V’ on your face. When the two extremities of the ‘V’ are connected, it will look like a heart.
If you want to go the extra mile, add another two ‘V’s at an angle and a little line to create a shamrock.

If you want a little more sparkle, grab some eyelash glue, some green glitter and a lip defining brush . Carefully place the eyelash glue on your pre-drawn shamrock or heart. Once the glue is tacky, put some glitter on your brush and then apply to the area.


If you want to go the full nine yards and look like a citizen of ‘Emerald City’ why not style yourself with some of our top fashion picks.

In true Boho fashion, we found a lovely skater dress with floating white tassels and bell sleeves. We love how the white print design emulates 70’s 'bohemian' fashion.

If your wardrobe has been reflecting the weather and you don’t have a green thing in sight, pop on a pair of Mint Glitter court shoes.

With these glamorous shoes on, you won’t be saying ‘there’s no place like home” as you jig the night away!


Want to avoid being pinched but green isn’t your colour, how about building your very own Boho Betty stack?

For a unique St Patrick’s look we came up with a Cactus Green beaded Friendship bracelet, a Semoy Green leather and a Sasquatch Green & Gold Beaded tassel stretch bracelet.

If you are one of the few who can’t rock green mermaid hair, we have another alternative.

Find a green headwrap or turban and style your hair so that it frames your beautiful face.

Want even less hassle? Pick up a stylish green baseball cap instead of the Guinness hat.