Boho Styling Through The Ages: How to wear Boho 3 different ways

The boho look has its roots in 1967’s summer of love and the hippy culture of the decade, but it has stood the test of time, evolving with every generation to take on a new flavour and reflect the zeitgeist. Journalist Bob Stanley summed up the boho influence well when he said "the late 1960s are never entirely out of fashion, they just need a fresh angle to make them de jour".

In 2005 at its height it seemed like ‘boho chic’ was everywhere thanks in a large part to Sienna Miller and Kate Moss for so stylishly adopting the trend, and making us all wish we looked that cool. Little fringed boots, bare tanned legs, floaty dresses, long sun-kissed tresses and ethnic jewellery were key staples to their chic and effortless boho styling.

By the summer of 2006 the look had evolved once again with the traditional ethnic boho-look taking on a more gutsy incarnation. Adopting a heavy metal attitude, boho took on the leather and studs of rock to become an edgy version of this previous soft and floaty aesthetic. Flimsy chiffon tops were now being paired with ripped denim and biker boots. The classic ditsy print tea dress teamed with a vintage (preferably battered and worn-looking) leather jacket became an iconic outfit.

By 2010 this rock vibe was being superseded by a distinctly Gothic and Pre-Raphaelite influence. Velvet started to creep into the boho remit. Frills, lace and long braided locks reminiscent of medieval maidens added a sense of drama and romance to the boho trend. Festivals also played their part influencing the look with wrists stacked with entry wristbands, flower garlands, glitter and magnificent magical fancy dress, giving boho an otherworldly fantastical feeling.

Grunge and street style has also played a part in shaping the evolution of Boho. Teamed with plaid shirts, skate shoes, and retro-inspired band t-shirts it takes on an urban and rebellious tone, but still the key motifs of boho remain. Fringing, layers, tassels, florals, mixed metals, natural materials are all combined in a loose and easy-to-wear silhouette.

The enduring love for Boho comes in part from its broad appeal; it isn’t a look limited to a specific age range, making it an incredibly versatile, popular and widely worn look. It allows even the most straight-laced amongst us to express our inner free spirit, and jewellery is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add a little boho flavour to a look. If you like to dress for maximum impact or prefer a more subtle nod to bohemian vibes here’s how to style Boho in three different ways:

How To Style & Stack Boho Jewellery 3 Different Ways

1/ Hippie Boho Chic

Classic and colourful, this hippie twist on Boho celebrates the eclectic, and when it comes to colours and materials the more the merrier. Be bright, be bold and be brave; almost anything goes. We like to layer long necklaces to achieve that relaxed and retro look. Our multi-tasseled necklaces are a good place to start; team one with a metal charm necklace to truly complete your look.

2/ Rock ‘n’ Roll Boho

Want to look like you’ve got backstage passes and are a regular on the festival scene? Then this look is for you. A wrap-around choker-style necklace is a subtle hark back to the era of punk, giving you an edgy vibe but finished at the end with a whimsical boho feather design. A wrist stacked with bracelets is the signature look of all rock chicks and we’ve made it easy for you to start your collection with a stack of 3 beaded and star motif bracelets, complete with matching tassels to keep things rock ‘n’ roll boho. This look wouldn’t be complete without some animal skin and what better way to add it than in a handy clutch? Our Montijo animal print leather clutch adds a little wild attitude to your look with its tiger print pattern and lambskin black tassel zipper.

3/ Grown Up Boho

For a more sophisticated take on the Boho style keep colours neutral and coordinated for a chic take on this timeless favourite. The opposite of hippie chic and rock boho, less is more when it comes to a more mature take on this sartorial signature look. This Thistle tassel set allows you to coordinate the statement bracelet tassel with your outfit, giving a sleek and deliberate iteration of this traditionally haphazard and rule-free fashion. Drop earrings are a staple of the Boho style; from large statement styles to more subtle adornments, these can provide an understated Boho edge to your look. Our thread through earrings are fuss-free with their simple slip-on style, and the rose gold metal offers an elegantly refined touch.