Looking at the sky from our window at the Boho Betty HQ, you wouldn’t believe that it was snowing less than a month ago. In celebration of the weather shift, we asked the sun to put its ‘thinking’ hat on to help us come up with some easy ways to accessorise in the (hopefully) scorching weather.

As some of us are stuck in our offices and not able to wear our flowy maxi dresses to work, we suggest replacing your everyday handbag with one of our beach bags. Handmade in India, these linen bags are big enough to store all your belongings whilst their beaded woven designs will give everyone who sees you instant wanderlust.


Here at Boho Betty HQ, we have taken to playing ‘Beach and Wave soundtracks’ so that for 10 min a day, we can pretend that we are lounging on a golden beach in Barbados. Another way of enjoying the sunshine is to head to your local beer garden.

To transform yourself from office to casual you don’t need spare clothes, you simply need to stack and layer your jewellery in the morning. Once it gets to Pimms ‘O’clock then you can start un-stacking your pieces for a more casual look.

If you are worried about losing your jewellery when you have a night out on the town. Then why not opt for one of our magnet bracelets as they stay flat when not fastened but will sparkle under the neon lights. 


Having investigated what makes the perfect boho travel outfit from our endless Insta scrolling, we conclude that 'tassels-maketh-everything. With our mini individual and gift set tassels. You can clip them onto almost anything. Whether its your shoes, earrings, bracelets or belt buckle.