Guest Blogger: Sarah Bacchus on Hazy Summer Days

The Style Bible - Hazy Summer Days


Now the weather is a touch warmer our mindset for hazy summer days can begin. Bright days that drift into the evening filled with golden light, poetry books, juicy strawberries and fresh homemade ginger coolie are what dreams are made of. They are approaching us and I’m longing for them to feel blessed and eternally happy. I call them my daydream days because as a child I wanted to be from another realm or era. My passion for fairytales has never left me and its these long summer nights, amber walks and floaty frocks that take me back to my childhood. I absorb these feelings and let my style evolve around them during the summer months. It’s a seasonal must for me to embrace pretty things. My style changes with the seasons and I have set myself a challenge to wear all my stunning outfits this coming summer and not hide them away in the wardrobe. The only updates I need are some fresh new items of jewellery. 



Fashion houses are really going for it with accessories this summer and the look I really love and can’t get enough of is festival chic. I’m really loving layering pretty and delicate boho accessories when worn with floaty skirts and dresses. The new season brings exciting new options for accessorising any outfit. 

Part of my seasonal summer regime is to clear out the clutter mentally and physically. So I start with my accessories and have a revamp of all my unwanted, old and tired looking jewellery. It’s something I feel we all need to do in every area of our lives not just our closets. Decluttering has such a cathartic effect on every aspect of our environment. 

But rather than get all drastic and suggest that you throw away too much too soon I’m suggesting that we start with adding a few additional items before the final cuts are made. 

There is something about stunning delicate prints, espadrilles and loosely curled hair teamed with stunning boho pieces. I’m really into gold and silver mixed together as I think we all have moved on from the old-fashioned rule of not wearing them at the same time. The evolution of style means practically anything goes. I’m planning ahead and getting my act together for that day when I’m drenched in warm light, a soft breeze and the hum of a summers evening on my skin. 

Hazy Summer Days Guide 

Grab your cozy rug and a find a quiet stream and just be. Feeling happy and content really is free. 

  1. Embrace the longer warmer days and take your cuppa tea and poetry books outside. Simple things like this make my heart sing a little. Even if this weather keeps changing from day to day it’s going to get warmer and more beautiful suddenly without notice. Get those picnic hammers out, give them get a dusting and let the summer begin within your mindset. Once your ready you will notice a huge shift in your attitude and wellbeing. 
  2. Get the healthy, quick and delicious nourishing food ready for those last minute gatherings or for those little evenings when you just want to soak up the suns rays on your own.
  3. If you don’t have a beautiful picnic hamper then just improvise. Take your most glorious glasses and plates into the garden or local park and lay down a simple rug. Taking in beauty needs nothing but a feeling of gratitude and thankfulness. 
  4. My list of essentials for a dreamy evening comprises of fresh salads, bundles of warm tomatoes, sweet juicy strawberries and sparkling water infused with freshly grated ginger. All served on beautiful vintage plates and glasses. 
  5. When it comes to feeling good a pretty outfit can work wonders. Ditch those old shorts in favour of a pretty outfit. Just do it and see how it can make you smile. Don’t feel silly for getting dressed up and spending an evening on the lawn reading a classic book. Go back in time and feel at one with the writer. 
  6. Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to think about accessories not just buying those summer dresses or skirts girls. Add a few little updates to help us feel really positive even if the sunshine doesn’t last longer than a few days. Pick up a range of stacking bracelets in contrasting colours. This way they will work with all kinds of outfits and it won’t cost the earth. 
  7. An outfit isn’t ever finished without the right accessories or nails my book! It’s time to get excited about wearing new colours, getting those toes out, dipping them into the river and wearing soft floaty styles that have a beautiful summers night on the horizon.  

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