Let us make Christmas gifts easy for you

Its that time of year again - what to buy... ? what to buy... ?  Never fear we have it all wrapped up for you.

Our gifting promotion begins this Friday - just imagine you could have some of your Christmas presents ticked off in 1 go x

How about for your teenager daughter, god daughter or best friend - this is just perfect.  Including Tombak, Mandolin and Oboe.

Or one of these for your gorgeous mum or amazing friend ? we have various ideas here including mixed stacks and our beautiful CZ 'Moreau' earrings, we  agree here in the office we would love to receive all of these pieces...

This fabulous stack is actually 6 gorgeous beaded bracelets in one - wear all together or with as many as you wish.... alternatively it makes 6 separate presents for teachers or for crackers.


November 06, 2019 by Bold Commerce Collaborator