Our Journey To QVC
Our story is one of family and friendship. Our co-founders are married to men who are great friends and as couples they have been friends for nearly 30 years. Between them they have 9 children of which 8 are girls! Bex and Tania were both working in Hong Kong, Bex as a GP Tania as an investment banker when they first met and the friendship blossomed from there helped by their love of fashion and shopping!
It was this mutual love of fashion that inspired the girls to change careers and set up Boho Betty. Whilst living in Beijing Bex started creating designs based upon her own love of mixing and matching jewellery by stacking and layering items together. To this day they are both strongly influenced by their belief that women can express their own individuality and make pieces their own by how they wear and mix them with other jewellery.
We want to encourage women everywhere to accessorise more in a way that works for them. If you have a bangle that you wear everyday just make it pop a bit more with one or more pieces that work with it and more importantly with your outfit.
‘Pop’ is Bex’s favourite word in the office and we think ‘Pop’ describes our jewellery beautifully! Bex just loves putting pieces together and making the items ‘Pop’. But for those of you who prefer them already layered we have a huge range of stacks on our website designed by Bex in beautiful gift boxes.
We are just so delighted that we are being given the chance to get our brand and message across on the QVC home shopping channel. It only seems like yesterday that we introduced the brand to QVC and suddenly we are only days away from going live. We have created a number of items especially for QVC customers including of course our signature stacks which look fabulous. Below is a flavour of what you can expect but whatever you do don’t forget to watch the QVC home shopping channel on Saturday 7th July at 6pm right after England have progressed to the next round of the world cup!




Designed to give the wearer the ultimate effortless but vibrant layered look this is a versatile option that allows you to wear the bracelets individually or stacked together to give you a contemporary multi layered look and of course a bit of ‘Pop’.  This is Boho Betty doing what is does best - layering


Tassel Earrings

A season must-have for Boho Betty customers are our tassel earrings and we decided to incorporate them into our QVC line. These fun statement earrings were designed to get a real sense of summer and are perfect in this glorious weather that we have been having recently and yes of course they do ‘pop’! You will find some QVC exclusives in our tassel earring range but they are only available on QVC!




As we are all about stacking our bracelets, we wanted to create something for QVC that looked like four bracelets in one but with one easy magnetic clasp that twists on and off. The magnet collection comes in four colours with faceted crystals: grey, white, black and tan and are a simple way of getting a layered look with a touch of glamorous perfect day to night option.


Drawing from our love of natural elements, we wanted a necklace that was light and easy to wear but embodied the spirit of summer. With no fiddly clasps ths necklace is so easy to slip on or off. Available in three different colours and only available on QVC this necklace is handmade in the Philippines and features mother of pearl hoops that intertwine with smooth soft suede cut-outs and an Italian wax cord. We love this piece because it is timeless and elegant, whether you are lounging in a kaftan on a beach or having a working lunch with colleagues.


July 05, 2018 by Tania Buckley