Don't be a 'Stupid Cupid' get your girl something she really wants this Valentine's Day!

February the 14th is a day many men dread because the pressure is on to find the perfect gift. Shower your love with red roses, chocolates, champagne, puppies, a romantic mini-break, and some sexy new lingerie and she might begin to get suspicious. Especially when last year all she got from you was an M&S £10 meal deal for two.

Take the ironic and understated approach with your gifts topping it off with a witty card such as this....

valentines card

...and she may instead feel a little short-changed in the romance department.

It's a gift minefield out there and we don't envy you guys with this tricky task, but don't worry chaps Boho Betty has your back!

We've styled some exclusive Valentine's Stacks that will save you from any potential present choosing pitfalls. A combination of three complimentary bracelets, stacked and styled to create a boho-layered look that the love of your life will adore. Worn casually or added as extra flair for special occasions these stacks are real head-turners.

They will arrive packaged in a grey velvet gift pouch so extra brownie points are definitely on the cards for you when it comes to presentation. Shop for Valentine's Stacks here.

If you want to go free-range and choose your own combination then we have compiled a red and rose coloured collection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and accessories HERE, take your pick!

Now that the gift is in the bag the hard part is over leaving you with just the wrapping paper, card, flowers, food and romantic music to sort. We girls don't ask for much! 

Check out Etsy for wrapping paper and cards; they have some lovely hand-printed and original designs that you won't find in high street shops. Nothing says 'I Love You' like a cheese pun-based card after all?!

A quick search on Spotify for Valentine's-inspired playlists brings up a host of compilations; from romantic to sexy, whatever tone you're trying to set there will be a tracklist for you. Personally we like this Top 100 Romantic Love Songs playlist below, and with 6 hours 9 minutes of crooning tunes you don't need to worry about awkward silences.

As for the choice of flowers and food well....we'll leave that part up to you!
After all it's the thought that counts, so get your thinking caps on!


February 09, 2016 by CONVOY Digital