Weekday romance isn't dead! - 2018 Valentine's gifts, eats, & entertainment all sorted for a cosy night in.

Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday this year (quickly side stepping the obvious joke about it being 'hump day'!), and although midweek might not be the most romantic moment in the month, we've got all the inspo you need to create the perfect Valentines evening for two.

The key to a stress free Valentines is to get the gift sorted early doors. Once you have that squared away the rest is plain sailing, so here are our picks for the perfect present.

Our Barolo Heartbeat Sterling Silver Necklace is simple and stylish and there's the obvious nod to the love of your life with its heartbeat design. Up until the 12th Feb this will also come in a FREE gift box, so the gift wrapping is all done for you! 

If you would like to give a more customisable gift then our Daffodil Tassel Gift Set could be the perfect pick. Worn wrapped round the wrist a few times or round your neck it can be both a necklace or bracelet depending on your mood. It comes with a coordinating silver tassel as standard and then you have the choice of 26 additional tassel colours to pick from for the other 2x tassels in the set. For Valentines we're also giving you 1x free red tassel with all orders. If these aren't quite right you can always check out our Valentine's Day Gift Ideas page for more inspiration. 

Present sorted we're sure you don't need to be told about flowers and a card, those Valentines staples are easy to find in most florists, supermarkets, and stationers.

If you've left everything to the last minute on the food front simply swing by M&S on the drive home from work and pick up one of their fab meal deals for two. They typically  include a starter, main, pudding and bottle of plonk, and we can vouch for their tastiness having used them as a last minute lifesaver on many occasions!.

M&S's 2018 Valentine's meal deal is £20 and gives you the option of steak or duck for main (sorry veggies/vegan they haven't catered for you this year), garlic mushrooms, asparagus. chunky chips as sides. For pud we'd pick the chocolate tarte slice or profiterole stack but you might want something citrus, in which case the tarte au citron will be right up your straza!

Knock it all back with a glass or two of Cava or Cabernet Sauvignon, and if you still have room for more then every Valentine's dine-in for two deal comes with a mini box of heart shaped chocolates, how sweet!

Get the right atmosphere for the night with a few candles and of course some music! Spotify have a great range of romantic playlists, but this one is our fave. With tracks from the likes of Adele, Ed Sheeran, Bryan Adams, John Legend and Elton to name a few it's a nice mix of old and new.

Take your chocs and glass of vino to the the sofa to end the night with a slushy film. These three movies give you an choice of classic romance, off beat rom com, or full on musical love story.

It never gets old and our lifelong crush on Tom Hanks just won't subside, so stick on Sleepless In Seattle for an old school love story, and also it's a great excuse to marvel at EARLY 90s fashion. What were we thinking? You can watch it on YouTube

Oscar winning musical film La La Land is a great option if you like your romance with plenty of drama. For a fantastical tale of love and theatrics this is the film for you. You can watch it on Netflix here.

If you're looking for a modern take on love, with plenty of gaffs, off beat humour and real world experiences then Trainwreck is a great shout. The plot is worryingly relatable at times, a great take on real life relationships and dating that will have you in stitches. You can watch it on YouTube

As for the remainder of the night, well....we will leave that up to you....