Our Cosmic Jewellery Collection Faves!

Our Cosmic Jewellery Collection Faves!

Exciting news… By the end of February, the sun will be setting by at least 6pm! 

Finally, the end of dark, cold, wet evenings is in sight! With longer days soon upon us, it gives us the opportunity to really appreciate and reflect on the beauty of the cosmic and the stars. 

After all, what better way is there to spend a warm evening than watching the sunset go down, and stargazing? We’re taking that same principle and applying it to some gorgeous pieces in our Cosmic Aura collection, highlighting the beauty of the stars and the mysteries of the sky. 

We’ve highlighted some of our favourite pieces for you today, to wear whilst you’re out making the most of those warmer evenings, or to embrace the sense of wonder, awe, and enchantment that is associated with the beauty of the stars. 

Latone 5 Star Gold Necklace 

Add sparkle with this dainty brass chain necklace, complete with five dazzling cubic zirconia star charms. The perfect addition to any look!

Stellar Diamond Charm Stretch Bracelet 

This stunning stretch bracelet features striking azure crystals and gemstones, making a fabulous addition to your looks this spring and summer. 

Cohan CZ Star Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings 

These handmade, sterling silver earrings feature gorgeous dangling cubic zirconia stars. These earrings are great for wearing with your hair up or down for a glamorous day look, or paired with a LBD for an elegant night look! 


Alruba 2 Layered Beaded Necklace Set 

Our last feature is this stunning layered necklace set! These handcrafted layered necklaces in blue crystal and gold feature gorgeous glass Miyuki beads - they look beautiful on their own or together as a layered look! 

What celestial pieces from our Cosmic Aura collection are you looking to style? As always, we would like to see what gorgeous looks you create! 

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