At Boho Betty we love original and stand out jewellery which allows women all over the world to express their individuality and versatility.

In 2012, we committed to creating a contemporary, high quality, globally inspired accessory line at affordable prices.

Our collections are inspired by our appreciation and love of other cultures and the different materials, textiles, stones and beads available within the communities we have visited.

6 years on, thousands of women worldwide express their sense of individuality with our multicultural inspired designs based on our incurable wanderlust.

With a presence in UK/Europe, America and China, Boho Betty is truly worn everywhere.

Our Designs

All our collections are designed in the UK and emphasize diverse cultures and global fashion trends. Our designs continue to be based on layering and stacking. We love to encourage women to mix and match bracelets of different shapes, sizes, colours and texture and to use their imaginations to create a truly unique and individual look.

We take huge pride in the originality of our products and our ability to spot and explore future trends. We dare to be bold and different.

Our Promise





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