The more you layer the better for the festival vibe...

With thanks to Honor Beach & Aspiga for the amazing outfits we used in our shoot!

Colourful, vibrant layers and stacks of jewellery are key for this festival season (obviously ensuring you can still dance!) ‘Boho’ is definitely the name of the game and maybe no one will notice that you haven’t managed to shower for days if you look the part.

There is no right or wrong at a festival when it comes to accessories, so don’t be shy, have fun and discover a relaxed, colourful you with our festival stacks. 


This is definitely the time of the year when you can really be yourself and wear your most daring and outrageous outfits and at Boho Betty we love layering which allows you to personalise your looks with our pieces and be as subtle or not as you wish.



June 27, 2019 by Bold Commerce Collaborator