5 Galentine's Day Date Ideas!

5 Galentine's Day Date Ideas!

Are you looking forward to Galentine’s Day? 


Although Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, not everyone looks forward to this day of love and its subsequent connotations. But who says it has to be a day reserved for romantic love only? I think we’ve well moved past that ideology. 


Here at Boho Betty, we’re all about embracing and sharing that platonic love between your closest gals! That’s why we’re going to be sharing 5 of our favourite Galentine’s Day date ideas, with beautiful pieces of jewellery suited to each. We want you to make the most of this day of love with your nearest and dearest, and most importantly, have fun doing so. 


Get crafty 

We’re loving the simple pleasure behind getting crafty at the moment! Sitting down together, getting a collection of paints and crafting supplies, and letting your creativity take over. 


We’ve seen so many different ways that you can get crafty. Whether it’s hand painting glasses, candles or crockery, making mood boards, manifestation posters or collages, or simply making a mess and having a great time with it. There are no rules and it’s a great outlet for self expression and individuality! 


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Shopping spree 

Why not get a group of the girls together and go for a little shopping spree? It doesn’t have to be excessive, it’s what you make it. 


You could even make a wholesome challenge from it! Pick names from a hat, give each other a designated time limit and budget, and try to find a perfect little gift basket for your chosen friend. Galentine’s is all about expressing platonic love, and gift giving is a love language, after all… 


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Chef it up 

There are lots of things you can do to make cooking and Galentine’s a great combination - such as cooking with a theme. 


Why not make a dish exclusively using red and pink items, the colours of looove. Or you could use Valentine's imagery and make pizzas or cookies in the shape of hearts. Or you could really challenge yourselves and put together a three course meal worthy of a 5 star restaurant date night! 


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Movie marathon 

Sometimes simple is the most effective way to spend an evening, and there’s often nothing more simple than a movie marathon. Laugh together. Cry together. Wonder together. Be scared together. 


Whatever movie or genre you choose to watch, have fun doing it together and take comfort in being surrounded by your closest friends! 


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Cocktail artistry 

Put your cocktail making skills to the test and showcase your artistry in mixology. Again, this one is really what you make it. 


Try making some of the classics. Try making your own concoctions. Once more, embrace the themes of love and let your imagination and creativity run wild! There are no limits to this one. Even if you don’t drink there is plenty of fun to be had in making mocktails too - maybe even more, as you have to rely on the flavours of core ingredients alone. 


Style with: Camel 3 Layer Gemstone Bracelet Stack, Cetus T-Bar Chain Necklace 




There are many ways to spend Galentine’s with your girls, having fun and sharing each other's company. 


The moral of this blog post is simple. Remember, you don’t need romantic love to have a good time this Valentine’s day! 

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