5 Reasons Why We Love Sterling Silver!

5 Reasons Why We Love Sterling Silver!

Here at Boho Betty, we’re big fans of sterling silver - it’s not hard to see why! 

Sterling silver jewellery can make beautiful additions to any outfit, instantly elevating a look and adding that missing piece. If you’re looking to add that luxurious feel to your looks without the heavy price tag, sterling silver is the collection for you! 

That’s why today we’ll be covering our top 5 reasons as to why we love sterling silver, and why you should love it too… 

Featuring cubic zirconia crystals

Sterling silver is a charming and delicate alternative to pure silver! Our sterling silver collection features cubic zirconia stones which are beautiful durable crystals, with amazing colour options and brilliant sparkle with an affordable price tag. 


Rhodium plated (durable and resistant)

This collection will stand the test of time, even with daily wear! As it is rhodium plated, you’ll find it’s scratch-resistant, and won’t buckle and bend out of shape. If you take the time to correctly store and look after your jewellery, it will make the difference and last even years later. 

Kind to your ears (hypo-allergenic)

Did you know that pure silver contains a small amount of nickel, as pure silver is too soft a material on its own? For many people, they react to the nickel found within their pure silver jewellery. Since sterling silver is a hypoallergenic alternative, you will find that it's kinder to your ears, preventing any reactions such as scabbing or itching. 

Perfect for layering

Sterling silver works well with any look, whether it is mixed metal or a combined silver look. Create depth with silver or contrast with the brassy gold tones, or stack as many pieces as you want! 


Timeless and elegant - styles to suit everyone

Sterling silver has been fashionable for years, and will continue to stay that way. Jewellery can often be the subject of trends and cycles, but sterling silver is a guaranteed timeless look, with pieces that can be worn again and again. As it is affordable as well, you can invest and build a gorgeous collection that will stay with you for a lifetime - plus, our collection includes plenty of unique styles! 

sterling silver earrings necklace set

Here at Boho Betty, we’re massive fans of our stunning sterling silver collection! We love it and we think you will too.

Browse the collection today and treat yourself to a gorgeous, versatile piece, one that will stay with you forever!

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