Our Guide to Wellness Gemstones

Our Guide to Wellness Gemstones

In today’s post, we are going to be talking about gemstones! 

Now, you might have seen that we’ve already done a post on the importance of gemstones and their benefits… But today we’re going to be talking about our Wellness Gemstone collection specifically! 

Not only are these gemstones a beautiful addition to our pieces, but our Wellness Gemstones have been picked out due to their wellbeing and health properties and benefits - today we’re going to be exploring some of those benefits in greater depth. 


We’ll start this newer collection off with Turquoise, a stone that we previously commented on - but it still has many healing properties for you to know about! This stone is considered to protect the wearer from accidents and injuries, removing evil energy that surrounds them. It can also help to increase your physical strength and immunity! 

Harmony Turquoise Gold Bracelet

Harmony Turquoise Gold Bracelet - Boho Betty


Rose Quartz 

The stone of unconditional love! This powerful healing crystal encourages the qualities of love, joy and emotional healing - helping to provide the wearer with a deeper understanding and emotional intellect, healing relationship problems, and boosting feelings of peace, calm and self love. 

Mystical Rose Quartz Gold Bracelet

Mystical Rose Quartz Gold Bracelet - Boho Betty



This stone is considered to have powerful healing properties for the wearer, promoting positivity and fresh energies! It also helps bring the wearer to their full potential, by helping to attract success in all areas of their life, and reaching their goals and ambitions. This stone truly radiates pure, uplifting energy. 

Tranquill Ombre Carnelian Silver Bracelet

Tranquill Ombre Cornelian Silver Bracelet - Boho Betty



This is a powerful and protective stone, dissolving negative energies with strong healing benefits! This stone is believed to relieve stress and strain, soothing irritability and alleviating feelings of anger, fear and anxiety. It is also believed to activate a deeper spiritual awareness, opening the wearer's intuition! 

Harmony Amethyst Gold Bracelet

Harmony Amethyst Gold Bracelet - Boho Betty



This stone is popularly known as the Success stone, manifesting wealth, good luck and success to the wearer. It can bring clarity and confidence, inducing positive energy to the wearer and their surroundings, and bringing the quality of generosity! This stone tends to promote happiness in life overall. 

Mystical Citrine Gold Bracelet

Mystical Citrine Gold Bracelet - Boho Betty



Last but not least, Malachite is a powerful and luxurious stone, possessing protective qualities and drawing negative energies from the body. Many people believe that this stone personifies the deep healing green of nature! Due to its protective properties, it is also known as the Midwife stone - believed to be an effective remedy for menstrual cycles, cramps and easing labour pains! 

Harmony Malachite Silver Bracelet

Harmony Malachite Silver Bracelet - Boho Betty


That concludes our post today on these powerful, healing gemstones, but there are still many in our Wellness Gemstone collection we have yet to touch upon! 

Which healing properties do you seek? 

Which bracelet would you like? We can’t wait to see you wearing them!

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