Boho Betty’s Half Term Style Guide!

Boho Betty’s Half Term Style Guide!

How is it half-term already… No better time for a styling guide!

The February half term is always welcomed with wide open arms. After all, January is always a harder month to get through, but the silver lining is that it is often balanced with time flying by in February - we’re already over halfway through the month! Whether 2022 is dragging or flying by, we can all agree that a half-term holiday is definitely needed. 

So, how will you be half term holidaying? 

Are you a lover of the sun? Or, perhaps you’re searching for the snow? Maybe a staycation is on the cards? Wherever you choose to holiday this half term, make sure you holiday in style! 

Chasing the sun

The weather in the UK, especially during this February half term period, is notoriously grim. Constant rain, blustering winds, it’s cold all the time, and there’s barely any sun, let's not even start on Eunice! We completely understand why you’d want to escape somewhere hot and sunny… 

Lazy sunbathing, relaxing swimming, sipping cocktails whilst basking in the evening glow, what more could you want?! 

If you’re a sun seeker like us, we have the perfect style guide so that you can make the most of that gorgeous warm lighting! 


For our sunny style, we have gone with the Vanessa dress from Beach Cafe and maxi dress from Aspiga. 


No look is ever complete without some jewellery! Sun-seekers, we have combined the Eudora and Calvados necklaces, then the Tirana bracelet stack on one arm, America wrap on the other and then the last bit of sparkle with our Takia earrings.


Pop on these cute sandals from Birkenstock and grab your tote bag from Fenwick and you’re ready to go 👯‍♀️


We’re loving these stunning, shimmery gold pieces that will look gorgeous when picked up by the sun’s glow. Plus white accents will look especially lovely with a tan! The aqua gemstone is a beautiful addition, perfectly representing the blues and greens of the sea. 

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow 

Don’t get us wrong, we can also appreciate a great ski trip when we see one! In fact, skiing is an amazing way to see nature, up in the mountains, taking in the sights of snow covered trees and delicate frozen lakes. There’s nothing like that fresh air when skiing either! 

For our fellow ski bunnies, we have a beautiful look for you today, that’ll make you stand out on the slopes! 



Starting with some base layers (of course ❄️) we have the top and leggings, both from Sweaty Betty. Over the top, the lovely slim pants from Superdry and wool jumper from Selfridges. For some extra (and totally needed) warmth, we have gone with the lovely puffer jacket, also from Superdry. 


To add the bunny to the ski, we have combined this look with some of our gorgeous golds. Layering up the earrings (to keep them warm 😉) with Balan and Binnie earrings. Finish it off with the Lepus bracelet stack and Elgafar necklace set


Dressing for the snow is all about layering, so we’re reflecting that in our jewellery too! Bracelet stacks, layered necklaces - compliment your snow suit in style, and stand out against the crisp white backdrop. 


Wherever you choose to holiday this half term, make sure to holiday in style. Don’t forget to tag us on Insta in your half term pics either - we can’t wait to see them!

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