Build a Boho Bracelet Stack with Boho Betty!


You know we love a good bracelet stack here at Boho Betty - it’s one of the things we’re most well known for!


Layering and stacking is a great trend to jump on, as there is so much potential to what you can achieve. In fact, with unlimited options, styles and combinations to choose from, this way of accessorising is timeless!


That being said, there is an art to bracelet stacking, to achieve the right composition and create a beautiful look from it. Unlike some of our other layering blogs, we’re going to be diving into the types of bracelets you can use, rather than tips for layering as a whole. So as experts in this area, we’re here to share some of our exclusive tips and tricks so you can build a gorgeous boho stack with ease.


We already have some stunning stacks to choose from, but if you want to build your own then you’re definitely in the right place!


What bracelets are you working with?

Here at Boho Betty, we have a wide range of bracelets to choose from: wrap bracelets; stretch bracelets; beaded bracelets; friendship bracelets; chain bracelets; gemstone bracelets; and more. You name it, we’ve got it!


Whatever bracelets you have in your collection, you want to find one key focal point and build on it from there. The different styles will come together to create different looks, so finding a core piece makes it a lot easier to build around.


What colours do you want to include? 

Colour also plays a big role in your stack, but don’t let that limit you! As we’re in the summer months, we’re loving brighter palettes and pastels which can be used to create some exciting themes for festivals and other summer events.


But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to one palette. Mix it up, go all-out rainbow and play around with colours that really enhance your own personal style.


Have you considered gemstones? 

Gemstones can be a great way to tie the components together effortlessly in any look. Whether they match the colours scheme, or stand out against an otherwise neutral palette, they add a real unique element to your stack.


The great thing about incorporating gemstones is that they have so many positive meanings and healing properties, that wearing them brings more than just a great style to your look. When you wear gemstone jewellery, you surround yourself with their positive energy and can carry your intentions with every stack you make.


Final touches? 

Take everything that you’ve learnt in creating the stack and rearrange it! For a truly carefree, boho vibe, rearrange your stack until you find a way that best complements the pieces in the look and creates a beautiful balance.


We can’t wait to see what stunning stacks you create, and would love for you to tag us in any pictures you share!

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