Barbenheimer Style Guide!


Barbenheimer’s here! How are you going to style the blockbuster event of the year? 


You know that here at Boho Betty we love a good style guide, and this is as great of an opportunity as ever to dress up and make the most of our beautiful accessories! Despite the two movies being polar opposites in content and themes, Barbenheimer has already shown us the true extent that is the fun in going to see both. 


So why not dress up and make a day of it? We’ve got the perfect style guide for you today, fit with different accessory options for both movies and even a few combined pieces for those movie marathoners out there watching the double feature. 


Don’t forget to share your photos enjoying Barbenheimer, we can’t wait to see how you’ll be styling this guide! 


The Barbie Babes 

Rosado Pink Bracelet 

Barbie means one thing - PINK! This stylish bracelet is bursting with hot pink dyed quartzite gemstones and gold beads, on a dainty chain cord. Be bold and be you with this iconic bracelet. 


Blush Pink Bracelet Stack 

We love layering and this beautiful stack is no exception! Fit with a range of blush pink shades, this bracelet stack is bound to make your Barbie fit stand out. 


The Oppenheimer Crowd 

Salus Black Spinel Gemstone Silver Necklace 

This charming necklace is loaded with glistening black gemstones, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to any look. It’s an effortless piece to style for this Oppenheimer screening. 


America Black Gemstone Wrap Bracelet 

This stunning wrap is complete with Hematite gemstones, crystals and a stunning statement Labradorite in the centre. This piece is a great addition to make a statement in the cinema, without the need of extra accessories. 

Team Barbenheimer 

Mabe Grey Pearl 2 Layer Bracelet 

Sometimes, subtlety is the best accessory to wear. This gorgeous bracelet has a stylish blend of pink and black miyuki beads, that combines both cinematic palettes without screaming ‘over-the-top’!  

Lenus Pearl Drop Gold Necklace 

This Lenus necklace features a super chic Coco-inspired drop pearl pendant, and dusky pink and black beading. Elevate your outfit with just a hint of black and pink! 

Steamroller Pink & Black Beaded Friendship Bracelet 

This bracelet features beautiful shades of pink, with just a hint of black to make a statement. This is a perfect accessory for the double Barbenheimer feature! 

That concludes our Barbenheimer style guide! What do you think, are there any pieces that take your fancy for the double feature? 


Whether you’re heading to the cinema or not, don’t forget that we always love to see how you’re styling your Boho Betty accessories!

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