Celebrating World Bee Day with Boho Betty

Celebrating World Bee Day with Boho Betty

Happy World Bee Day! 

Did you know that at Boho Betty, we love bees? They’re so loved, that Betty has her own beehives too! As a woman truly at one with nature, we’re often inspired to take inspiration from these much loved insects, and we want to celebrate them especially today, on World Bee Day! 

We’ll also be sharing some of our favourite pieces from our deliciously warm Honey Bee collection, with a few bee-specific pieces in there too... 

Why should we love and appreciate Bees? 

Many people underestimate the important role that bees play in our ecosystem. Not only do they play a significant role in biodiversity and environmental protection, they also help with food security and sustainable farming* 

The purpose of World Bee Day is to raise awareness surrounding the importance of bees and beekeeping. We’re celebrating by highlighting some of our favourite pieces, and our own personal achievements helping out here at Boho Betty. 

Our favourite pieces! 

Our Honey Bee collection features some gorgeous statement necklaces, intricate designs, and a whole lot of semi precious gemstones for the ultimate Boho babe collection.

Here are just some of our favourite pieces:

Colletes Gold 2 Layered Gemstone Necklace Set

Colletes Gold 2 Layered Gemstone Necklace Set - Boho Betty

This simple yet effective, highly trendy layered piece is an everyday staple, set to see you from Spring to Summer! This piece compliments any style and looks super chic, perfect for any look and any occasion!

Bee Ark 3 Layer Bracelet Stack

Bee Ark 3 Layer Bracelet Stack - Boho Betty

An adorable, sweet set of 3 beautiful bracelets - together create this lovely layering set! With warm honey tones with gold detailing, this set features Honeybee pull through, Goji and Prunus smoke stretch Bracelets.

Takia Filigree Carnelian CZ Gold Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Takia Filigree Citrine CZ Gold Stud Earrings - Boho Betty

These earrings are great for wearing with your hair up or down. Delicate and feminine with a regal elegance - as well as featuring luxurious, honey warm tones - they will give you a luxurious but thoroughly modern look!

Signet Gold Charm Bracelet

Signet Gold Charm Bracelet - Boho Betty

An on-trend chunky gold chain bracelet with gold charms – a cute feather, smokey topaz drop and our signature BB logo. The perfect bracelet to see you through World Bee Day!

So there you have it! Celebrating World Bee Day in style, whilst noting the importance of these sweet little insects. 

*Source: https://www.worldbeeday.org/en/about/the-importance-of-bees.html

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