Must Have Jewels for May!


Hello Taurus’ and Geminis'!


With summer right around the corner, May is looking to be an exciting month - hopefully filled with warm, sunny days. What have you got planned for this upcoming month? We’re here to make sure you’re properly accessorised for it! We wouldn’t want anything else. 


Today we’re going to be sharing with you our top picks and must have jewels for May. We want you to style your upcoming looks in confidence, and guarantee you’ll love some of the jewels we’re going over today! We’ve got some great options to go over… 



This stunning green jewel is perfect for those late Taurus’ to style this month. Traditionally, this stone is associated with May due to its connection to the Taurus zodiac (April 20th to May 20th). This alternative birthstone is believed to bring optimism, hope and increasing motivation. 



This beautiful reddish, orange stone is guaranteed to be a favourite throughout May. Known as the ‘Sunset stone’, carnelian is said to protect against negative energies, to help rebuild self-esteem, and to promote well being  and vitality. We hope to see many beautiful sunsets throughout this month! 



This gorgeous, bright blue gemstone is perfect to brighten up your wardrobe in this last month of spring. Aquamarine has long been used to bring about clarity of thought – use its wellness energy to encourage the transformation of negative feelings into positive thought patterns.



Lastly, this warm and golden jewel really reflects the warmth and sunniness we hope to see from May. Citrine is said to energise every level of life as it brings bright ‘sunshine’ energy, enthusiasm and happiness. If you need a positivity boost then this vibrant pale yellow gemstone could help you find joy, in all aspects of life.


So there you have it - some beautiful recommendations and must have jewels for you to rock throughout May! 


Which will you be wearing? 


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