Hello America

Hello America

There's been quite a big political change in America today – we thought we would celebrate with a look at some of our bestselling ‘America’ wrap bracelets...

Our ‘America’ wrap bracelets consist of crystals and gemstones that are exquisitely entwined on leather and you are loving them...

America wrap bracelet

The America Labradorite bracelet has grey and blue gemstones, crystals and a stunning irridescent labradorite stone in the centre (which is said to help with strength and perseverance). It’s the showstopper in our super popular Key West bracelet set.

 America wrap bracelet

With a statement Amazonite stone (known as the 'hope' stone), the America Teal has been a MEGA hit for the last two years. We all need a bit of hope these days on both side of the pond! It's got Jasper and Hematite gemstones too, said to support in times of worry.

America Midnight

Our sultry America Midnight is in the classic combo of dark navy blue and gold. It’s the centrepiece in our chic Dallas bracelet set for when you really need to fizz up what your are wearing. It actually comes in striking black too.

America lapis

This silver, grey and blue has an incredible blue lapis lazuli gemstone n the centre and is surrounded by hematite too. Such a stunner!

America Pearl

Who doesn't love a pearl nowadays – they aren't just for Grannies anymore, you know! This bracelet has a lovely dreamy Mother of Pearl in the centre. So long Don! Here's to a fresh new start whatever you think of American politics!



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