Beating the Blues

Beating the Blues

Blue Monday’, the third Monday of January is supposedly the saddest day of the year with gloomy weather, long nights, Christmas bills to pay, no leftover chocolates, January resolutions in full swing or shelved! You know it might all seem a bit er... crappy. 💙 💩💙

However, we've got some top tips 🌟 to help you make your day a whole heap better.

Beat the blues

Give em some lovin’...

There is no time like a Blue Monday in a damn pandemic to have a really good natter with your besties and family to show them you care and love them to bits. 😍💋 Grab a coffee or cuppa ☕️ and just reach out and get talking and feel the power of love. Sometimes there isn't anybody out there and, if so, DM us on insta right now and we'll do our best to brighten your day x

Start the kitchen disco

We all love a good dance in the kitchen. 💃🕺Just crank up the music, let your inhibitions fly (maybe not as crazily as me!!) and pump those endorphins around your body. Feels SO GOOD...💋

Outside time

Enjoy some outside time if you can. 🍀 A little amble in the garden, a family walk in the park or a 7 mile bike ride à la Boris ticks all those boxes... just enjoy the sounds of birds and the beauty of the great outdoors and suck up a bit of sunshine vitamin D. 🌿🌞Remember those social distancing rules as well - you know the drill!

Beauty (of) sleep

A good night’s sleep is always a winner in my book – it always lifts the mood! 😴 Try and get your recommended 8 hours and you’ll look and feel heaps better. Leave that damn phone out of your room too! Excuse the pic – didn't want one of me drooling! 🤣

Drama Queen

There's nothing like a good bit of telly 🎟 to help transport you away from your worries and into a different world where men are so goddam hunky or wear tight breeches! 😘 We're loving Bridgerton, This is Us, Ozark, Industry, Emily in Paris, Wallander... a good drama is my friend! 🎬

Embrace Winnie

You can pretend it's not Blue Monday and enjoy Winnie-the-Pooh Day instead. That sounds much more fun and our favourite bear has tons of pick me-up inspirational quotes! 🥰 Makes me all soppy and gooey thinking of those lovely days of childhood too. There are some funnies on our Insta stories to...

A spot of retail therapy

Sometimes a bit of online shopping can give you a bit of a boost... so long as you don't overspend. Small businesses need lots of help these days, so you are doing them a favour too. Shameless plug here... sorry... but don't forget to CHECK OUT OUR SALE for some fab bargains!🤣

Join the adventure

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