International Friendship Day with Boho Betty

International Friendship Day with Boho Betty

Happy International Friendship Day you lovely lot! 

After 18 months of being apart and staying socially distanced, we want to embrace our friendships and celebrate this occasion. 

But what better way to celebrate than with the most joyful fashion trend that is friendship bracelets? Who says that they should just be a childhood memory? We love bringing them into adulthood! 

We think they’re super cute, fun and stylish, and what better day than today to share this with you all. In this post we will be celebrating International Friendship Day by looking at some of our favourite friendship bracelet pieces, tips on how to style and more! 

We’ve crafted our beautiful bracelets, woven from different colours, intertwined with precious metals and stones, and we think there is an option available for everyone :)

So how about starting with a more traditional look? We love this Matira White Beaded bracelet for it’s stylish geometric pattern, to add a pop of colour to any look. We have quite the range of colours in this style, so it’s a great opportunity to match with your friends on this special occasion!

Maybe you’d prefer something a bit more cute and dainty? Our Jaz Beach Pink bracelet is deceptively chic and simplistic, perfect to wear solo or combined with others for a beautiful layered look!

Last, but certainly not least, how about a whole new take on the friendship bracelet? Our Britas Bay White Link bracelet is bold and beautiful, complete with a gorgeous gold chain for a layering texture. This is certainly a statement piece, and would be wonderfully distinct amongst you and your friends’ looks.

So there we have it - three gorgeous friendship bracelets to celebrate a day of shared spirit and human connections. 


How will you be celebrating International Friendship Day? Perhaps you’d like to purchase one of our bracelets as a gift to your beloved friends? All our bracelets displayed today are available via our website, plus more! Just head over to our friendship collection to see them all.

However you choose to celebrate, we hope it’s amongst the people you cherish the most. 

From your friend, Betty! xx

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