Betty’s Summer Style Guide

Betty’s Summer Style Guide

Summer’s finally here and we couldn’t be more excited! Time to swap out jumpers and jeans for shorts and sandals, and time to upgrade and switch out your accessories. 

Who says you have to wear the same jewellery all year round? We love experimenting with different looks across the seasons, there are so many colours, styles and patterns that compliment each season differently yet beautifully! 

So luckily for you, we’ve collected our favourite different styles in one post for you to reference when creating whatever look you desire this summer :) 

We’ve got two collections in particular we think you’ll LOVE this summer, as well as our own tips sprinkled in there too - so let’s get started! 

Summer Silvers

Collection number 1 is all about that silver summery vibe! Warmer months would indicate warm tones right…? Nah! We think Summer 2021 is all about cool tones and contrast! 

Here are a few of our favourite pieces! 


Beira Silver 2 Chunky Chain Layering Necklace Set  

We’ve been loving the layered look all-year round, why stop now?! 



Dorval Silver Plain Hoop Huggie


Asymmetry is IN! How about pairing these gorgeous simple yet stylish huggies with your favourite drops or hoops? 



Paradise Bay Silver Starfish Charm Bracelet


What better way to get ready for your summer hols than a beautiful beachy blue bracelet to accompany your flowy summer dresses? 

Bright and colourful 

Collection number 2! Maybe silvers are too simple for you? We understand… which is why this range is perfect to suit your colourful heart’s content! 



Electra Multi-colour Bead Necklace

Bring back the beads! If summer doesn’t inspire you to go bold, what will? 



Nightingale 3 Layered Bracelet Stack 


Who said layering was for necklaces exclusively? Mix and match your favourite designs for a look that is unique and personal! 




Finesse Multi-colour Beaded Friendship Bracelet 

Friendship bracelets are so old school… But, they’re making a comeback and we love it! These funky bracelets are meant to stand out - so go be bold!

So there we have it - our summer style guide! What do you think? Have we missed anything? 

Don’t forget to shop all our gorgeous pieces mentioned today on our store.

We’d love to see how you’re styling your Boho Betty pieces this summer! 

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