Let's Talk About Our Much Loved Bracelet Stacks!

Let's Talk About Our Much Loved Bracelet Stacks!

Here at Boho Betty, we love talking about our bracelet stacks - they’re one of the things we’re so well-known for, after all! 


Today we’re going to be sharing the love for our bracelet stacks, and highlighting some of the reasons you’ll love wearing them. Bracelet stacks are pretty much our thing, so if you want to know more then you’re certainly in the right place. 


For more on our much loved stacks, including some top picks, keep on reading! 


Create unique looks 

We love the layered look! Combining beautiful bracelets helps you to achieve a much bolder, and truly unique look, more so than some regular bracelet combinations. You can combine a variety of different bracelets - depending on the colours, textures, materials - to suit a variety of different styles. Create unique looks and change up your bracelet stacks today! 


Embrace your self expression 

With well-curated bracelet stacks, you can better demonstrate your own self expression through your accessories. Rather than wearing just one bracelet, you can adapt and change depending on your mood of the day, creating a specific stack that showcases your style. 


Incorporate meaningful gemstones 

Another way in which you can make your stack your own, is by incorporating meaningful gemstones. This is also a great way to add a touch of wellness to your look, particularly when you pick a certain piece of jewellery for its deeper meaning. Positivity, harmony, luck, peace, all of these traits and more can be achieved when you choose the right gemstone. Have a look through our guide to find the right one for you! 


Accessorise with ease 

Struggling to find the right bracelet stack? Luckily for you, we’ve put together lots and lots of styles and stacks to choose from, enabling you to accessorise with ease. Whatever your vibe is, we guarantee you we’ve got a beautiful bracelet stack for you to enjoy.  


Our top picks 

Below we’ve selected some of our featured faves, but there’s plenty more where they came from! Have a browse through our extensive collection and find a stack that suits your individual style. 

Gina 2 Layer Silver Gemstone Bracelet Stack 

Discover elegance and elevate your style effortlessly with this captivating gemstone duo, adorned with beautiful coloured stones. 


Oasis Layering Bracelet Stack 

Indulge in this mesmerising three-tier stack of delicately-hued bracelets, featuring pretty pastels that are perfect for Spring. 


Roseatte 3 Layer Pink Bracelet Stack 

Wear this bracelet stack to express your bold and vibrant personality, and let the dazzling pink hues inspire and uplift your spirit.


Bracelet stacks for all styles and occasions. Have we convinced you to love them as much as we do? 


We sure can’t wait for you to get your stack on!

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