Silver vs. Gold: A matter of taste?


Are You a Gold or a Silver Person? Who knows, and quite frankly, I don’t have a Scoobie Doo! If you ask other living legend ladies of the species (quite frankly, we are all one of those) you will probably get a clear answer. Whether it is gold or silver, jewellery has a special place in any woman’s life. It simply completes your existence, and much like make-up, you can use jewellery to accentuate your beauty… well, in theory anyway!

Chunky Jewellery Collection by Boho Betty

Ok ladies, we know you want to fill your jewellery box with treasure made of gleaming metals and sparkling gemstones - but which metals will give you the look you want? Which jewellery is right for your budget? Should you get that necklace you love in a silver or gold finish?

Questions Smeshtions… Such are the dilemmas when buying jewellery and Boho Betty is about to add to this life’s little dilemma... Our new silver and gold CHUNKY COLLECTION is going to totally send you into a spiral when it comes to choosing! But wait... this is a nice dilemma right?

Chunky Jewellery Collection by Boho Betty

Worry not! At Boho Betty, we believe and trust in your own discretion and specific style when it comes to choosing. Style is about selecting what you DESIRE and this new range will match your BUDGET too… Start your style journey TODAY with a sneaky peak at these beauties…

Start your style journey TODAY with a sneaky peak at these beauties… Tana, Notus, Dewi necklaces and Ukelele, Whistle, Slider Bracelets. They are all available for pre-order from today!

Remember this – a special piece will radiate beauty from the wearer no matter what colour!

Love Betty xxx

September 10, 2020 by Rebecca Middleton