The Jewellery to ‘Set’ Your Heart On

The Jewellery to ‘Set’ Your Heart On

The best things come in small packages. Or in this case, they come in gift boxes! 

Today we’re talking about all things jewellery sets, combining beautiful necklaces and bracelets to create a gorgeous look overall! 

A jewellery set can do amazing things for any look. They create elegance and sophistication, making wearers effortlessly stylish, and able to tell their own story. The effect of a matching set is an instant one, giving an immediate boost to any look. 

Having different sets is great for dressing different looks, and gives you the opportunity to mix and match on those days where you simply do not want to match! Jewellery is about creative freedom to do what you want, and we’re more than happy to provide you with the means to do it ;)

Let’s look at some of our sets in more detail…


Midnight Sparkle Necklace and Bracelet 

This matching sparkling midnight blue set is truly dazzling, and an easy way to add instant glamour to any look! If you’d like a darker look that has a bit more edge, these cooler tones are the pieces to go for - they complement one another perfectly.


Pink Gemstone Necklace and Bracelet

This blush toned matching set is oh so sensational and elegant - for the ladies of luxury. The peach, pink, white and grey gemstones, combined with the statement gold pendant is guaranteed to perfect any neutral look.


Silver T-Bar Necklace and Bracelet

Did you know you can be on trend and still stand out? This stunning chunky chain and bracelet duo caters to just about every trending look, and is a layering staple! It’s our all year round layering essential for a reason…


Bee Necklace and Bracelet

Sweet like honey! This stunning set is full of beautiful warm-toned gemstones and finished off with a super cute golden honey bee charm. Bees are important little insects, and we love appreciating them with these gorgeous looks.

So there we have it! Four beautiful necklace and bracelet sets for you to feast your eyes upon. 


Have you got your heart ‘set’ on any in particular?

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