Our Top Tips For Layering Your Earrings

Our Top Tips For Layering Your Earrings

We know what you might think but, necklaces and bracelets aren’t the only pieces of jewellery that you can layer! Enhance your individual style with the art of combining beautiful pieces and creating unique designs... every time!

Layering is great for everyone, you can be as simplistic or as bold as you want - there aren’t any rules! 

What style are you going for? 

Are you feeling boho or a more sophisticated look? Do you want to combine different metals or just stick to one? Studs and hoops? One of each? These questions could probably have their own subsection individually, but we think they all essentially tie into one thing: what style you want to achieve.

Naturally, you need to decide what type of style and look you want as this will influence the other important decisions in piecing a great look together. It might seem easier with earrings but they are still important decisions to make. 

Less is more? 

If you want to wear a lot of earrings, but don’t want it to look too chaotic, we would recommend the ‘less is more’ look - choosing studs over hoops will reduce the appearance of an overly busy look. Dainty studs can then be paired with any other designs to perfect ANY look. 



Compliment your look with a cuff

Like we’ve already said, you don’t need a lot of piercings to create a gorgeous layered look! Why not spice things up and add a cuff to your helix, no piercing needed. It’s a great style without the dedication of piercing. 



Why not choose all the piercings! 

On the other hand, you might LOVE a busy look - it can all be traced back to the first question, what style do you want to achieve? You could create a statement by wearing huggies and hoops, and a cuff to finish it off! 

The best advice we can offer is what style you personally want to achieve - there is no right or wrong when it comes to your personal, unique image. But we would love to help! 

What layered earring looks are you going to create?

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