How Do You Mix Your Metals?

How Do You Mix Your Metals?

Do you remember back in the day when wearing gold and silver in the same look was considered to be a bit of a fashion crime. Because you know, how dare you mix metals?! 

Those days are no more!

At Boho Betty, we want to embrace the diversity of jewellery, and combine all of the beautiful colours together. No more gold vs. silver, but embrace gold AND silver together! 

There are so many gorgeous pieces out there, quite frankly it would be wrong not to wear them all! So what we want to know is, how do you mix your metals? We think that we can be of assistance with this matter :) 

Where are you wearing? 

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings - they are positioned across four main jewellery areas on the body. Are you going to mix your metals across all of your body, or in one specific area? 

By mixing across the different jewellery points on the body, you can be as subtle or as intense as you desire, which relieves the pressure of mixing altogether! 


Whilst we love mixing different colours and metals together, as with all looks, you need to have balance. Choose metals that will compliment each other, so they aren’t overbearing in your look. For example, a gold bracelet with a silver bracelet creates balance, compared to one gold with three silver - makes sense? 

Tie in a combined piece

An easy way to mix metals is to have a combined metal piece as a focal point in your look. Then you can tie the different metals in through this focal piece - a simple yet highly effective solution. 

Think about the overall tone 

As with any look, what is the overall tone you want to achieve? Mixing metals can be great in any look, as long as you consider the overall tone. Do you want distinct contrast or subtlety? How many pieces are you going to include? 

One final point to consider is your ‘permanent’ jewellery. We think it’s fair to say that if your wedding ring is gold, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear silver rings too! These are your special pieces, they don’t have to be treated the same as the others. 

At the end of the day, mixing metals is about creating a look unique to you. So whilst we are happy to offer our advice here, in no way are they rules!

So, what mixed metal looks are you going to create? Take a look at our mixed metals collection to see our fave combos of silver and gold!

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