What Has the Eye of the Tiger Got in Store For August?


As the alternative birthstone for August, we’re going to be talking about all things Tiger’s Eye! 


Here at Boho Betty, you know that we love incorporating different gemstones within our jewellery pieces. Not only are they beautiful additions to our looks, but utilising gemstones can have a lot of benefits for the wearer. 


What better opportunity to highlight the benefits, and the reasons why we love Tiger’s Eye, than the month that it is a birthstone for - August! 


For all you August babies, keep on reading as we share some of our favourite things about Tiger’s Eye, including our top picks from our Tiger’s Eye gemstone collection. They’ll make for a perfect gift, or even a treat for yourself! 


What is Tiger’s Eye? 

Tiger’s Eye is an incredible gemstone, both in appearance with its gorgeous stripes of brown and gold, and the strength it provides from its namesake - offering you the courage of a tiger! 


In fact, traditionally it was said that Tiger’s Eye was carried as a protective shield against evils, warding off curses and keeping the wearer safe. 


What are the benefits of this gemstone? 

Not only does it provide the wearer with a tiger’s courage, but this stone is said to offer resilience in overwhelming situations. It can help with providing clarity and helping to resolve any little problems objectively. 


Protective properties aside, this gemstone can give you willpower, inner strength and confidence, particularly if you’re looking to achieve some personal goals! If you’re after a boost of good fortune, this is a great stone to consider. 


Our favourite pieces! 

August babies, we’ve picked out some stunning pieces for you to wear all August long, and beyond! 


Mystical Tiger’s Eye Gold Bracelet 

This little gem from our collection is loaded with golden-brown Tiger’s Eye gemstones, and interlaced with mini gold beading. It looks simplistic and dainty on its own, or can be paired to create a beautiful stack. 



Enchant Tiger’s Eye Silver Huggies 

Be bold and add a meaningful touch of sparkle to your look with these pretty huggies. They’re super sweet and look great with any look! 



Panacea Multi Gemstone Gold Necklace 

If you don’t love the look of Tiger’s Eye, but still want to rep your birthstone, that’s okay too! We have this beautiful necklace, adorned with 13 different gemstones - adding a thoughtful yet unique touch to any look. 



Are you ready to style your Tiger’s Eye pieces throughout August? 


Keep an eye out for more gemstone guides like this one, as we may feature your birth month soon and want you to be well-dressed for it! 

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