Why We Love 14kt Gold Plated Jewellery!


Here at Boho Betty, we love our 14kt gold plated jewellery! 


Our use of 14kt gold plating means we can create stylish and beautiful, yet an affordable range of quality pieces and accessories. After all, our aim is we want all women to look good and feel good in quality, luxurious jewellery. However, we want to achieve that at a reasonable price, and so we are able to accomplish this with 14kt gold plated jewellery. 


Today we’re going to be discussing what this material is in further detail, and why we love it so much. For more information on why you should love our gold plated pieces as much as we do, keep on reading! 


What does 14kt gold plated mean? 

Gold plating is available at a variety of levels. It uses a very light layer of gold on top of a base layer, often only as little as 0.05% of real gold. However, as it is available at a variety of levels, it is also available at different quality levels, depending on the thickness and purity of the plating. 


Gold plating utilises real gold but in a minimal sense, so it doesn’t hold the same monetary value/price tag of gold jewellery. It’s a cheaper alternative but still gives that luxurious feel that you want from your jewellery! 


What do we use it for? 

We use gold plating for a range of different pieces throughout our collections. As gold plating can be used on top of a variety of base metals, here at Boho Betty we largely focus on brass and sterling silver for our bases. 


Why we love it! 

In particular, you know we love sterling silver! (After all, we do have an entire post dedicated to it!) When combined with gold plating, it creates some truly beautiful pieces that are hypoallergenic, timeless and elegant. 


Furthermore, gold plating is extremely versatile - it's great for layering or styling as a stand-out piece on its own. The appeal of this jewellery is that you can hardly tell the difference between gold plating and pure gold, so it is great to style with any look and to add that iconic missing touch! 


So as we prefaced earlier, gold plating is a wonderful, cheaper alternative to pure gold jewellery. We love utilising it within our collections, and are proud to be able to provide beautiful jewellery to our wonderful customers, without the hefty price tag! 


What pieces are you looking to style? 


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