5 Things You Didn’t Know About Betty, & Her Top Picks!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Betty, & Her Top Picks!

If you ever wanted to get to know more about the fabulous woman behind Boho Betty, then have we got a treat for you!

It’s always nice to reveal the fun (& slightly crazy) personality of the person behind it all. So without further ado, let’s crack on with some fun facts about our one and only, Betty! We think you’ll be surprised by some of these… 

  • Betty owns an organic cider orchard
  • In her spare time she enjoys juicing her own apple juice, and making a mean home brew scrumpy. You can often catch her juggling between the trees, in a world of her own… It’s worth mentioning that at this orchard she has bee hives too! Truly a woman at one with nature, helping with the cycle of life.

  • She loves dancing
  • But then again who doesn’t, right? It’s great fun! 

  • She has 4 children, and 16 (!) godchildren
  • This means we’re pretty confident in saying that she’s your go to woman for all things gifting, for all ages. No one knows gifting better than a woman with a big family! 

  • She loves interior designing
  • Another hobby of hers is designing houses and lifestyle in her spare time. So as you can see, she is quite the creative designer! 

  • She defines her favourite products by golds and silvers… 
  • Obviously! How else should you pick and separate your faves? 

    Her favourite gold products are (from left to right)

    Plutos Aqua Miyuki Bead Shell Choker 

    Field Clear Gold Sunburst Hoop Huggies 

    Surat Gold 3 Layered Bracelet Stack 

    As for the silver products (from left to right)

    Callies Silver Lightning Bolt Huggies 

    Lelia Silver & Aqua Gemstone Necklace 

    Nissi Silver Link Chain Charm Bracelet

    So there it is! 5 fun facts about Betty. We reckon we’ve caught you off guard with some of these, and we love it! 

    What’s a fun fact about you? Share below!

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