Betty's 2022 Holiday Getaway Guide

Betty's 2022 Holiday Getaway Guide

Summer 2022, the time for holidays abroad is back! 

After not being able to travel abroad for so long, we’re definitely making up for lost time this summer. You may remember our post on UK GetaYays, so this time we’re back and better than ever with our abroad edition! 

We’re going to be bringing you the best destinations for holidays abroad, whether you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing trip or fun-filled city break - we’ve got you covered with all, at a variety of price options too. So whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip, or a much needed relaxing time away, we’ve got the best choice for everyone.  

Don’t forget that wherever you’re going this summer, we’ve got the perfect jewellery to accessorise every trip. We can’t wait to see where you boho babes will go! 

Relaxing getaways 

Life is busy, and you deserve a relaxing break. Sun, sand and sea - we can’t wait to get away this summer! 


Santorini, Greece 

Kingston, Jamaica 

Marbella, Spain

City breaks 

Not everyone loves to sit and relax in the sun all day, so we’ve got some great summer holiday spots for those that want to get out and explore a bit more! 


Prague, Czech Republic 

Kaunas, Lithuania 

Budapest, Hungary

Close to home 

Some people may still be anxious about travelling, but they deserve a break too. Here we’re featuring some more great staycations, and locations that are close to home! 


Edinburgh, Scotland 

Tenby, Wales

Dublin, Ireland

So there you have it! 9 great holiday destinations to suit families, couples, friends, at all different price ranges. 

Where you choose to go this summer, don’t forget to accessorise for the occasion! Check out our beautiful range of collections to suit any and every summer holiday - a favourite is definitely the holiday blues collection (the good kind!!) :) 

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