Our Summer Styling Tips

Our Summer Styling Tips

How are you styling your accessories this summer season? 

Summertime is officially here - so how are you going to be styling your looks? Whether that is abroad in a sunny destination, or on a Great British staycation - there’s a great way to style all. 

This summer we’re all about going bold and beyond! Stylish stacking isn’t going anywhere, any time soon, and we’re here today to tell you how you can make the most of it this hot girl summer. 

Let’s jump right into our trends for styling this summer, so you can get ready to stand out all season! 

Stack is back

Hint… It never left! Jewellery stacking and layering is still on trend and it’s looking to stay that way. Whether that is bracelets, necklaces, earrings or even rings, you can expect to keep stacking your way to the top! 

At Boho Betty, layering and stacking is our thing - we’re the authority on it! To be able to perfect your stack, you need to fit in the theme of your entire look, and then find a good show stopping piece to pull everything together. 

(But for more information on that, we’ve got a whole separate blog for you to enjoy!) 

Inject colour into your looks

This summer is all about bold and bright colours! We’ve got a wide variety of colourful pieces to choose from, including all colours of the rainbow and beyond. 

We’ve also included our deliciously warm Marigold Summer Honey collection, featuring a number of gorgeous, delicate warm tones and stylish charms. Whether you want to add bright personality or warm hints of colour - we have options for every Boho babe. 

Tiamat Tiger Pendant Gold Necklace - Boho Betty

The rise of the ear cuff 


Ear cuffs have gotten hugely popular in past years, and it isn’t stopping yet. It’s the perfect way to change up your style without the commitment of a piercing, and add a twist to your look this summer. Add to your unique style whether you're maximalist or minimalist! 

Shaye Sterling Silver Earring Cuff - Single - Boho Betty


We’re seeing a lot of recurring trends this summer, which reflects the entire state of the fashion and jewellery industry at the moment! Trends are being brought back, and there’s a sense of nostalgia in our style this year. 

Are there any trends you would like to see make a comeback this summer? How are you going to be incorporating those into your summer style? 

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