Boho Betty's (Gift) Guide to Star Signs!


What’s your star sign? 


Welcome back to another Boho Betty gift guide! In this guide, we’re going to be focusing on our zodiac collection, giving you the perfect, personalised gift option that’s suited to everyone you know. 


We love shouting about our zodiac collection, complete with beautiful bracelets with a personal star sign charm, companion colour gemstone earrings and layering bracelets stacks. So if you’re struggling with gift ideas, we’re going to be taking you through each of the star signs, their traits, and why they’ll love one of our stylish items. 


This collection features a number of ideal pieces for this upcoming festive season, to add a real personal touch to your gifting. Plus, whichever you choose, each piece will come with a charming zodiac card to let them know all about their sign! 

Aries: March 21st to April 19th 

Aries Zodiac Gemstone Silver Bracelet 

Courageous, spontaneous and ambitious, this bracelet is packed with Aquamarine gemstones - soothing and calming the passionate wearer. 


Taurus: April 20th to May 20th 

Taurus Zodiac Gemstone Gold Bracelet 

Dependable, intelligent and hardworking, best describes the loyal Taurus. Featuring Iolite gemstones, this will help the wearer bring perspective back to their lives. 


Gemini: May 21st to June 20th 

Gemini Zodiac Gemstone Silver Bracelet 

Flexible, extroverted and clever is the Gemini. Complete with Citrine gemstones, this piece will promote healing and mental focus for the wearer. 


Cancer: June 21st to July 22nd 

Cancer Zodiac Gemstone Gold Bracelet 

Loyal, enigmatic and nostalgic, this bracelet is complete with its natural gemstone companion - Rainbow Moonstone - bringing harmony and hope to its wearer. 


Leo: July 23rd to August 22nd 

Leo Zodiac Gemstone Silver Bracelet 

Consciousness, compassionate and a true leader at heart, Leos are also fiercely protective. Surrounded by Tiger’s Eye gemstones, this bracelet will bring their own protection and good luck to the Leo. 


Virgo: August 23rd to September 22nd 

Virgo Zodiac Gemstone Gold Bracelet 

Industrious, humble and practical, alongside Virgo’s gemstone Carnelian, this bracelet will promote courage, endurance and leadership. 


Libra: September 23rd to October 22nd 

Libra Zodiac Gemstone Silver Bracelet 

Extroverted, intelligent and friendly best describes the Libra. With Pink Tourmaline gemstones, they can expect to feel more compassion, emotional healing and self love. 


Scorpio: October 23rd to November 21st 

Scorpio Zodiac Gemstone Gold Bracelet 

Determined, creative and passionate defines the Scorpio in your life. Packed with Labradorite gemstones, the wearer will be energised with new ideas. 


Sagittarius: November 22nd to December 21st 

Sagittarius Zodiac Gemstone Silver Bracelet 

Loyal, assertive and compassionate, the Sagittarius will love this beautifully crafted bracelet. Packed with Turquoise gemstones, this is perfect to stabilise emotions and dispel negative energy. 


Capricorn: December 22nd to January 19th 

Capricorn Zodiac Gemstone Gold Bracelet 

Ambitious, organised and practical, the Capricorn wearer can benefit from beautiful Lapis Lazuli - thought to help open minds and give enlightenment. 


Aquarius: January 20th to February 18th 

Aquarius Zodiac Gemstone Silver Bracelet 

Self-reliant, exceptional and optimistic best describes the Aquarius. With stunning Chrysoprase, this will help equalise the wearer’s emotional balance. 


Pisces: February 19th to March 20th 

Pisces Zodiac Gemstone Gold Bracelet 

Emotional, sensitive and gracious, the Pisces wearer will love this bracelet packed with Amethyst gemstones. This protective stone will help keep them calm, relieving stress and anxiety. 


Star sign gifts are such a simple yet highly effective gift! After all, everyone has a birthday, and everyone will appreciate the personal touch of the zodiac collection. 


This Christmas, who are you buying a star sign piece for? Happy shopping!

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