Gift Guide for Wellness Benefits!

Gift Guide for Wellness Benefits!

What wellness benefits will you give a loved one from our wellness gemstone collection


We’re back with another excellent Christmas Boho Betty gift guide! In this beautiful collection we truly have something for everyone, it’s the perfect place to shop great gifts for this upcoming festive season. 


Today we’re going to be highlighting some of our favourite pieces from this collection, and the benefits the wearer can expect to gain from wearing them. There’s something for all your close ones to enjoy, so if you’re stuck for gifting ideas you’re certainly in the right place! Give the gift of wellness this Christmas period and shop our wellness gemstone collection faves below. 


For your mum 

Horus Malachite Gold Gemstone Necklace 

All your life your mum will have sought to selflessly protect you, and shield you from negativities - but who will protect her? Malachite is a powerful healing and protective gemstone, absorbing negative energy and promoting personal growth for the wearer. 



For your sister 

Harmony Citrine Silver Bracelet 

Radiating a joyful and uplifting energy, Citrine is undoubtedly a special stone for your sister. Promoting happiness and success, this is an ideal gift for your sister, whom you only wish the very best for in life. 

For your daughter 

Sense Rose Quartz Charm Gold Bracelet 

The stone of unconditional love is perfect to celebrate the connection between mother and daughter - one like no other! Promoting healthy relationships, compassion and forgiveness, Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone to give your daughter. 



For your auntie  

Enchant Tiger’s Eye Silver Huggies 

Your aunties are one of your first friends in life, like a mother, mentor and friend all in one. Give the gift of Tiger’s Eye and help the wearer achieve the willpower, strength and confidence to achieve their goals, the same way they root for your success daily. 

For your grandma 

Serenity Amethyst Bracelet Stack 

Give the gift of Amethyst and breathe a new life into the wearer, ideal for daily energetic maintenance. This is a powerful stone, alleviating feelings of anger, fear and anxiety, perfect to sooth your dearest grandma. 

For your bestie 

Encourage Amazonite Silver Bracelet 

Let your bestie know you’re thinking of her with these hidden words of encouragement. Amazonite has a soothing effect, putting a positive and encouraging spin on life - just the boost of energy we all need from our friends. 

An all-round classic 

Panacea Multi Gemstone Gold Necklace 

Packed with 13 beautiful individual gemstones, this necklace is the perfect gift to provide the wearer with a touch of wellness. If you’re looking for an all-round thoughtful gift, look no further than this gorgeous piece.  



Have we missed anyone? The beauty of our wellness gemstone collection and this gift guide is that anyone and everyone can benefit from the extensive properties that all these different gemstones offer. 


Don’t forget to have a look on our website, as we have plenty more gemstone pieces available! 


As always, be on the lookout for our next Christmas gift guide, we’re going to be helping you all the way up to the big day. For more inspiration, we’ll see you soon!

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