Boho Betty’s Guide to Chakras

Boho Betty’s Guide to Chakras

What do you understand about the term ‘Chakra’?

Perhaps you’ve heard about them discussed in a spiritual sense, but lack any clarity on the topic… 

Not to worry!

Today we’re going to be exploring all things Chakra-related, bringing these energy points to the forefront of our latest collection, and the benefits that these pieces can bring to the wearer. 

What are Chakras? 

Chakras refer to the different energy points in the body, positioned along the spine from the bottom of the spine to the base of the neck. These energy points relate to areas of our energetic body, linked to healing and our overall emotional and physical wellbeing - helping the mind and body work at its best level.  

The seven Chakras

Along the spine there are seven Chakras, each of which has a corresponding name, colour, spinal position and health focus! Today we will be providing a brief overview of each Chakra, and how they may help to heal the different focuses within the body. 

Root Chakra

The first and primary Chakra, located at the base of the spine. Associated with the colour red, the root Chakra has connotations of stability, ambition and survival, and when balanced it can help create feelings of security and strength. 

Sacral Chakra 

This second Chakra is positioned just below the belly button, and is represented by the colour orange. The sacral Chakra is linked with our feelings of self worth, responsible for sexuality, creativity, compassion and intuitiveness. 

Solar Plexus Chakra 

Believed to be located in the stomach area, this third Chakra is associated with the colour yellow. The solar plexus Chakra is the key to personal power, relating to self-esteem, and emotions of ego and anger. 

Heart Chakra 

Aptly named, this middle Chakra is located within the chest, just above the heart. The heart Chakra is associated with the colour green, and is linked with feelings of love, compassion and trust, and our ability to connect with others. 

Throat Chakra 

The throat Chakra is positioned within the throat area, and is considered to be blue. This Chakra is tied with the ability to communicate, listening with compassion and displaying confidence. 

Third Eye Chakra 

Positioned within the eyebrows, this Chakra is represented by the colour indigo. The third eye Chakra is believed to control your intellect, intuition and imagination, helping to provide the big picture and bring clarity. 

Crown Chakra

This last Chakra is positioned at the top of the head, and is associated with either white or violet. The crown Chakra is believed to be the most spiritual of them all, connecting the other Chakras and representing our connection to life itself in the most spiritual sense. It is tied to inner wisdom, helping to open the other Chakras and bringing enlightenment. 

Chakras in jewellery 

This belief system can be useful in helping to understand lifestyles and creating a system of support. So not only do we wear jewellery to feel beautiful, but these pieces can seek to help us physically, mentally and spiritually! 

Jewellery can boost our self confidence, alongside the added influence of different energies, it can help to provide balance and stability. 

At Boho Betty, we want to help you revive your energies and style with our stunning filigree gemstone collection, available in both gold and silver:


We hope this post has provided you with more knowledge and understanding of the Chakras! 

Which Chakra do you feel most connected to?

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