Boho Betty’s Guide to Gemstones

Boho Betty’s Guide to Gemstones

Today we’re going to be talking about gemstones! 

Not only do they look beautiful and are a great addition to many pieces, but did you know that different gemstones have a variety of benefits? 

We use a lot of natural gemstones within our pieces, so today we wanted to explore the different benefits of each, and bring awareness to you as the wearer. We’re going to be showing you the benefits of the gemstones featuring in a lot of our pieces, including some that are on sale - so keep an eye out for those! 


This stone has purifying qualities, in absorbing and expelling negative energy. It is used for protection, creativity, strength, balance and wisdom. Another key value is friendship, so it is perfect as a gift to another. 

America Turquoise Gemstone 3 Wrap Bracelet



Pearl is believed to bring you good fortune, providing strength and peace to the mind. It has connotations of innocence, purity, integrity and focus. It is also believed to bring self-confidence in the wearer - so wear your jewellery in style and with confidence! 

Silver Pearly Gemstone Necklace and Bracelet Gift Set



Amber is warming, stimulating and stress-relieving. They are believed to have healing properties for the body, including pain and anxiety relief, as well as the potential to speed up healing. How will it help you? 

Merak Amber & Gold Stretch Gemstone Bracelet


Lapis Lazuli 

This powerful and intense stone omits positivity, bringing deep peace and harmony. The more intense the colour, the deeper the value of this semi-precious stone. 

America Blue & Gold Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Wrap Bracelet 



This green gemstone is highly popular for its powerful energies, believed to bring luck and happiness - for this reason it is often referred to as the lucky stone! Green is typically associated with tranquillity and calm, and these features are also found within this stone.

America Aqua Gemstone 3 Wrap Bracelet 



That concludes our post on gemstones, but there are so many more powerful stones out there, we’re only just scratching the surface! 

Which piece would you like? Which properties do you require the most? 

We’d love to hear from you! 

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