Feel Good with Boho Betty’s Beautiful Blues

Feel Good with Boho Betty’s Beautiful Blues

Clear, light skies and deep blue seas - it’s the perfect (almost) summer’s day! 

So why is ‘having the blues’ so commonly associated with feeling down? 

Although there’s no definite history behind the phrase, some people believe the idea of feeling blue originates from old sailor stories. If the captain or an officer died, the ships would fly blue flags in memorial. 

But for many people, blue is not an indicator of sadness. There are so many beautiful blue things in this world to love, with so many that bring us joy! 

Take this gorgeous 30c weather today! There’s no better feeling than waking up after weeks of dark, cloudy skies, to seeing a bright blue sky painted in front of you. Or how about seeing the gorgeous deep tones of the ocean whilst enjoying a relaxing holiday in the sun? These are all great things we look forward to seeing, indicating we are in blue rather than feel blue… 

Being blue doesn’t stop with blue locations either. We want you to feel good and look good with beautiful, blue Boho Betty jewellery - today we’re going to be sharing with you some of our top deep blue picks to make you feel good in feeling blue!

Tatyana Gold Shell Half Hoop Earrings - Boho BettyWe’re starting off simple yet effective with these effortlessly cute Tatyana Gold Shell Half Hoop Earrings! These are great to wear with your hair up or down, adding elegance and delicate femininity to any look you style this summer. Wear them on your own or style as a layered look!

Seahorse Blue Charm Gemstone Bracelet - Boho BettyOur next focal piece is this pretty Seahorse Blue Charm Gemstone Bracelet, perfect for yours truly or as a gift! This distinct gold seahorse charm intertwined with navy blue lapis lazuli gemstones is a beautiful stand out piece, or can easily be layered too!

Salus Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Silver Necklace - Boho BettyWhy not dress up your neckline with this beautiful Salus Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Silver Necklace? Stay cool this summer with effortlessly chic boho style, and feel the effects of confidence, peace and harmony.



Coralia 2  Layer Stack  Bracelet Stack - Boho BettyOur last focus is this Coralia 2 Layer Stack Bracelet Stack - and it is truly stunning! A gorgeous blend of colours, designs and textures, featuring summery tones and trendy chain features! If you’re looking for a summer stand out look, this is the perfect one for you!



As you can see, we’re rather opposed to the idea of being blue as being sad. We think that you should be able to look good, and feel good in beautiful blue jewellery, surrounded by beautiful blue locations! 

Which piece are you styling this summer? We can’t wait to see your blue looks!

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