Our Guide to Extending Necklaces

Our Guide to Extending Necklaces

Have you ever bought a beautiful necklace, only to find that it feels like you’re suffocating every time you wear it? Or maybe it’s just not quite long enough, so it awkwardly rests on the neckline of your favourite shirt? 

So if you’re struggling with a necklace that is too short, don’t get rid of it! 

A necklace extender would be perfect for you. Even if you don’t have a problem with the length of your necklace, an extender will give you added flexibility to use whenever you need it, to wear it with whatever outfit you’d like. 

Let’s picture the scenario: 

It’s pretty chilly, so you decide to wear a turtleneck jumper. You’ve got the perfect chain to neatly hug your neck, and compliments the entire look beautifully! But thanks to the temperamental British weather, it gets pretty warm the next day and you decide to wear something with a lower neckline. You know that the necklace would look great too… if only it was a little longer… 

Worry not! You need a necklace extender! 

Do you know the best part? Some of our necklace extenders can become a feature in their own right too.


Take these 2 Link Gold Gemstone Extenders, which are stylish and highly practical at the same time! They’re brilliant if you need to add length to your necklace, or a great way to create your own on-trend look.


Give your necklaces their own personality and tailor them to your unique style! 

Also, if you’re gifting a necklace it’s always worth considering that a necklace extender might be a key part of the present too. Just in case, you know? 

You’d be surprised about how little people know about necklace extenders, so we hope to shine a light on this handy little accessory. 

As always, have a look on our online store for more options!

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