All You Need to Know About Our Signature Collection

All You Need to Know About Our Signature Collection

Welcome to 2023 and welcome to January! 

Here at Boho Betty, we’re excited to be welcoming the New Year with our (relatively new) Signature collection!

Betty's Signature Collection

So, how have you been finding the year so far? After all the excitement of Christmas and the New Year, and with the increase in those darker, colder, wetter days, we don’t want the January blues to set in… 

That’s why we’re here today to help you get inspired and dressed to impress, no matter the time of year! We want you to look good and feel good wearing our jewellery, which is why we’ll be highlighting some of our faves from our signature collection.

This collection features unique filigree patterns and some of our renowned Boho Betty wellness gemstones and beading to get you ready for the year ahead. 


Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

In this collection there are lovely earrings and bracelets which feature lapis lazuli, a stone of truth and friendship. This stone is believed to promote self awareness and courage, whilst enhancing personal harmony! 

Turquoise Gemstone

This stone is considered to protect the wearer from accidents and injuries, removing evil energy that surrounds them! 

Some of our favourite pieces from the collection



Here at Boho Betty we feature wider gemstone collections, that not only are beautiful additions to wear, but they also have been picked out specifically for their wellbeing and health properties and benefits! 

If you’re interested in our gemstone collections, this signature collection is just a small introduction into the true extent we offer. 

You can read more about our wellness gemstone collection here! 

Similarly, for more general information on a wider range of gemstones, we have a great post detailing all you need to know about the natural gemstones we often use in our pieces: Guide to Gemstones

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