Snow-ho Betty

Snow-ho Betty

This weekend's glorious snow ☃️ brought out the sparkle ❄️ in so many (and quite frankly got me outside, away from work and a Netflix box set!) In fact, I relished being The Snow Queen for the day! ❄️👑

It's not easy wearing jewellery 🌟 when you're layered up to the hilts, so we thought we’d tell you how to perfect your ‘Winter is coming...’look when you’ve popped on that chunky knit or roll-neck.  

Layer your LONGER necklaces OVER your knits for a winning formula 💋. Let’s face it... we don’t want you to hide your accessories ✨ under your winter woollies, so they need to be out there dangling like the divas they are!

Make sure you pop on a CHUNKIER necklace look for a fab wintery look. Your dainty mid-length number or choker might look great with a v-neck, but when it’s full on chillsome you won’t want an exposed neckline and it’ll be too delicate for big knits.

Winter darker colours, such as navy or black, will make your jewellery really POP, but if you want to go for that Ice Queen look all in white then go go go gold.

To show off your BRACELETS, I’m s-mitten (see what I did there!) 🧤 with a wider slighter shorter sleeve so that your arm candy is free to jingle-jangle ✨. Balloon sleeves with a tighter sleeve are fab too for over the cuff chain-style bracelets. 

You can wear also any style of EARRINGS with chunky knits – just avoid anything too long or spiky that’ll get caught in your mohair monster 💖! Huggies or studs are probably best, but our Ella hoops work pretty well too!


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