Chakra Collection - Heart

The Heart Chakra is located in the centre of the chest and is said to represent love, friendship, happiness and self-compassion. Malachite gemstone – known as the stone of transformation and said to help reveal and heal emotional pain and bring ease during times of change.

When this chakra is balanced, we are loved and give love.


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Heart Chakra Gemstone Silver Bracelet #color_silverHeart Chakra Gemstone Bracelet Gold #color_gold
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Heart Chakra Bracelet Stack - Boho BettyHeart Chakra Bracelet Stack - Boho Betty
Heart Chakra Bracelet Stack Sale price$113.00
Heart Chakra Gold Hoop Earring #color_GoldHeart Chakra Silver Hoop Earring #color_Silver
Mystical Malachite Gold Bracelet - Boho BettyMystical Malachite Gold Bracelet - Boho Betty
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Sage Emerald Bracelet Stack - Boho BettySage Emerald Bracelet Stack - Boho Betty
Harmony Malachite Gold Bracelet - Boho BettyHarmony Malacite Gold Bracelet - Boho Betty
Energy Multi Chakra Gemstone Stretch Silver Bracelet - Boho BettyEnergy Multi Chakra Gemstone Stretch Silver Bracelet - Boho Betty
Mystical Malachite Silver Bracelet - Boho BettyMystical Malachite Silver Bracelet - Boho Betty
Rheia Chakra Gemstone Gold Necklace #color_GoldRheia Chakra Gemstone Silver Necklace#color_Silver
Panacea Malachite Gold Gemstone Necklace - Boho BettyPanacea Malachite Silver Gemstone Necklace - Boho Betty
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Sphere 2 Way Necklace/Bracelet Gold Multi - Boho BettySphere 2 Way Necklace/Bracelet Gold Multi #color_Gold
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