BETTY VIP Loyalty Old

We hope you'll be interested in signing up to our new BETTY VIP Loyalty Scheme – you earn reward points with every purchase, signup, follow and more…  and what do points make? Lovely Boho Betty 'prizes'! 
PLUS Share the love with your friends and they'll get money off their first order, and you'll get reward points too! What a great friend you are!
  • EACH PURCHASE: Every £1 = 5 Reward points
  • REFER A FRIEND: Every successful referral = 750 Reward points
  • CREATE A BETTY VIP ACCOUNT: 250 Reward points
  • STORE VISIT: 15 Reward points (once per week)
  • SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER: 150 Reward points
  • FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: 150 Reward points
  • YOUR BIRTHDAY: 100 Reward points 
Just click the BETTY VIP icon in the bottom left of the screen to start treating yourself!