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Our myths and legends collection has been a great success but don't just take our word for it, why not read about it too! 
We've collaborated with some wonderful bloggers to give you some inspo on what to buy, how to style it and authentic reviews!



"Boho Betty did tassels before they were on-trend, and they make a beautiful addition to their bangles. What I love is that you’re not tied down to just one tassel! The Erdre may come with the beige tassel, but you can purchase other colours for just £1.75! I have actually asked for some of these on my own Christmas list, as you can swap and change the tassel charm to match your outfit!" Read more here



"The fawn tassel worked perfectly with my mustard trousers! Alongside the bracelet, I picked out the Weforest Taupe Fan Tassel Recycled Earrings from the AW18 collection, which is inspired by myths and legends. The gold beading definitely brings to mind Ancient Greek goddesses and the fact that the earrings are made from recycled materials is another amazing win for sustainability.Read more here



 "These days I wear less jewellery because I’m worried that the children would just destroy them. With these bracelets though, I don’t have to worry, because it’s stretchy, so it won’t break that easily." Read more here

"It took a lot of deliberation, when choosing what to pick, but was so taken with the the colourway and star details on the Doha set, I just had to go for that, although I must admit I loved quite a few of the stacks. I love the delicate style of jewellery, but obviously if your prefer more of a statement you can of course double stack, or a stack on each wrist." Read more here 



"You can easily combine this bracelet set with a casual outfit. I paired my bracelets with a denim skirt and colourful cropped sweater to match the bright tassel. For me personally, gold jewellery looks so elegant and classy, and I feel it matches even more so with my skin tone. The Rose Gold Dove Bracelet is my favourite because I can wear it just by itself with a watch and it looks just as beautiful." Read more here



"If you click on to the website you will see the huge variety of accessories that they sell and I’m 100% sure that if you love the boho/chic style then you won’t leave the website without adding a few products to your basket. It’s been a while since I’ve worn many of my accessories and I’ve really missed them. I love layering clothes, so it’s no surprise that I enjoy layering accessories as well. Why have one bracelet when you can have three…" Read more here



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