Boho Betty's Autumn Jewellery Styling

Boho Betty's Autumn Jewellery Styling

Some people get sad when the weather first starts to turn colder and the days start to get shorter, marking the end of Summer… 

But we think that the turning of the leaves is a welcome sight - Autumn is a wonderful season! The warm tones, crisp air and beautiful sights, it’s the perfect season to style your favourite jewellery. 

One of the great things about jewellery is that it has a long life expectancy and longevity, and is not as affected by seasonality in comparison to other fashion/beauty trends. We also like to emphasise the importance of personal style too, but there are some general autumn styles and trends we would like to go over today! 

So what’s in this autumnal season? 

The colours of Autumn 

A good starting point for autumnal inspiration is those gorgeous warm tones we all love during this time! Browns, oranges, reds - a warm colour palette will never go amiss in your jewellery, and it’s a style tip to take into all aspects of your look.

Mystical Tiger’s Eye Gold Bracelet

Salus Carnelian Gemstone Gold Necklace 

Chained up

Frame the face and layer with gorgeous chain details - a trend that will never be outdated in our eyes. 

Ukulele Silver Chain Charm Bracelet 

Cetus Gold T-Bar Chain Necklace 

Make a statement 

Size up with your pieces, and create a stand out look with a bold piece of jewellery. Layer with other minimal pieces to really make a statement! 

San Francisco 3 Layered Bracelet Stack 

Bramble CZ Evil Eye Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings 

Pearly whites 

The timeless appeal of precious pearls is making an appearance in this autumn season - what will that look like for you? 

Scotia Lapis & Pearl Gold Anklet 

Sanchez Silver & Pearl Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings 

How are you going to be autumn styling? Don’t forget to tag us in your beautiful pictures you share this autumn season! 

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