Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In the UK, 31 women lose their lives to metastatic breast cancer every day. 

Here at Boho Betty, we stand by those 31 women, and stand to raise awareness to the cause. Together, we can make change, and make a difference. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, dedicated to raising awareness about the impacts of breast cancer. This year we’re joining the conversation, rising to make sure every woman has access to screenings and the support they deserve. 

No longer should women feel too awkward to start a conversation and share their story - Breast Cancer Awareness Month is helping those women find their voices and join the conversation. 

Our goal at Boho Betty 

We can help make a difference when we come together to raise awareness. We’re supporting and getting behind charities that help educate, fundraise and make change, whilst also dedicating our own collection towards the same effort. 

Our Nick’s collection is named after the most gorgeous human Nicky Newman! An incredible and inspirational woman, with incurable stage 4 breast cancer who lights up a room and brings smiles to all our faces daily. 

Betty met the lovely Nicky through Instagram at the start of lockdown, and thought she was the most inspirational woman ever! She bought one of our necklaces and has worn it almost everyday since. In honour of this amazing woman, this necklace and collection has been renamed ‘Nick’s Necklace’! 

All profits from the sales of this collection will go to Nicky’s living list, and the Future Dreams Charity: 

The charity: Future Dreams Charity 

No one should face breast cancer alone. This charity provides practical and emotional support to those diagnosed with breast cancer, and it’s one we are proud to donate our profits to. 

It’s all our responsibility to help them help those affected by breast cancer this month, and every month.

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