Life is Better in Colour with Boho Betty Jewellery!

Life is Better in Colour with Boho Betty Jewellery!

With summer round the corner, it’s time to bring back a pop of colour to your life! 


Or if you’re like us, you’ll love incorporating colour into your looks, all year round! Here at Boho Betty, we’re embracing a new found love for vibrancy, because there’s no denying that life is better in colour. 


So how are we embracing our new pro-colour mantra? You can see from our gorgeous collections, that colour is always a recurring theme throughout! But today’s focus is going to be just what you need to add a splash of vibrant, boho flair to your look - making every outfit pop this summer. 

Why do we love colour? 

Well, what’s not to love?! Adding colour to your looks can be extremely important for your own personal confidence, benefitting your personal wardrobe overall! 


Bright and bold colours help to create joy and positivity, giving you a new energy as you go about your day, and more importantly, more confidence to wear what you love to wear. It is commonly understood that different colours have different meanings and connotations, but we believe that wearing colour is what you make it to be. 


We think you’ll love how versatile and vibrant our colourful collections are, and choose to embrace how positive life in colour can be! 

Embrace colour with our layered stacks! 

Our focus collection today are our layered stacks, due to the wide variety of colours available to choose from. We love the layered look - individual bracelets combining to create a much bolder and unique look - and so we've carefully designed these layering bracelet sets (or 'bracelet stacks') to help you express your individual style. 


You’ll find that they’re beautiful both with day or evening wear, and that these bracelets pair easily with other bracelets from our other collections for a further statement layered look! 

Gina 2 Layer Silver Gemstone Bracelet Stack 

A beautiful set packed with multi-colored gemstone beads. Extremely versatile, this stack is perfect for watching a tropical sunset in the evenings! 

Ocean 3 Layer Gemstone Bracelet Stack 

Heading out on a gorgeous island adventure? This stunning seasonal turquoise and lapis gemstone bracelet stack will be a perfect addition to any summery ocean blue look! 

Rora 2 Layer Gemstone Bracelet Stack 

This super sweet bracelet adds a touch of femininity to your ensemble, perfect to wear on its own or as part of a multicoloured layered look! 

How are you going to be embracing colour in your looks this upcoming summer season? Life is better in colour - we want to see you making the most of it!

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