Our 7 Necklace Layering Tips

Our 7 Necklace Layering Tips

Unlock your inner boho goddess and dive into the world of necklace layering. As big fans of layering all the jewels, today, we bring you a guide to mastering the necklace layering.

  1. Length is everything: Start by embracing varied necklace lengths. Begin with a chic choker or a short pendant necklace. Then, allow the beauty to unfold by adding longer necklaces with different chain lengths. This layering technique will create a cute boho effect.

  2. Mix and mingle: Don't be afraid to mix and mingle various necklace styles. Take a delicate chain and pair it with a statement piece or combine a dainty pendant necklace with a beaded choker. The key is to mix textures, materials, and designs, infusing your layers!

  3. The art of balance: Play with pendant sizes. Contrast is essential! Pair a small, delicate pendant with a larger, attention-grabbing statement piece to create a stunning focal point. Alternatively, layer necklaces with similar pendant sizes for an enchanting and harmonious look.

  4. Necklines matter: Ah, the neckline, the perfect guide for necklace layering. Let it be your inspiration. For low necklines, embrace longer necklaces to accentuate your neckline. Opt for shorter or mid-length necklaces to gracefully enhance higher necklines. Harmonise the length and style of your layers with the neckline of your outfit, and the result will be pure beauty.

  5. Embrace simplicity: While layering necklaces allows for a delightful playfulness, do exercise some restraint. Avoid overcrowding your neck with an abundance of necklaces. We wouldn't want you to look cluttered and chaotic. Instead, select a few key pieces that complement each other and radiate elegance.

  6. The allure of mixed metals: Never shy away from the allure of mixing different metal tones. Gold, silver—they're all fair game. Embrace various metals. The result? A modern and dazzling look that turns heads. Just remember, to ensure that the metals complement each other and effortlessly harmonise with your overall look.

  7. Unleash your creativity: Layering necklaces is an art, so let your creativity soar. Embrace your uniqueness and dive headfirst into the depths of your jewellery box. Play with lengths, styles, and colours until you find the perfect combination that suits your unique individuality. 

And there we have it, our 7 tips to get you on your necklace layering journey! Take a look through our collection of necklaces and see which take your fancy. If you need a little help getting started, our necklace sets are combinations we have put together for you!

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