Why We Love Our Apatite Collection!


Have you had a look at our Apatite collection yet? 


Here at Boho Betty, we love to use different crystals and gemstones within our beautiful collections. Our jewellery is designed to make you smile, to look good and feel good whilst wearing it. Our gemstone collections are also designed with different healing properties and benefits in mind! 


Today we’re going to be sharing with you more on one of our favourite gemstone collections, Apatite. 


What is Apatite? 

This beautiful teal gemstone is often known as the stone of manifestation, in the way that it is attuned to the future. It is believed to help with clear thinking, emotional recovery and helping to offer a more positive attitude in life. 


Apatite is connected to the Third Eye Chakra, allowing the wearer to have a deeper look and reflection into themselves, enabling self-insight and inner clarity overall. It is also believed to be connected to the Throat Chakra, linked to our communication abilities, and helping with self-expression. 


People have also found that this gemstone can provide a sense of motivation, ambition and self-confidence, holding a number of benefits for the wearer. 


Why do we love it? 

Not only do we love this gemstone for all of its amazing healing properties and benefits, it’s a gorgeous addition to many of our pieces here at Boho Betty. As well as enhancing insight, creativity and learning, it is said that wearing Apatite will enhance focus, clarity for concentration, intellect, acceptance and unconditional love. 


This incredible gemstone contains hues of blue, yellow, green and grey - it’s truly a beautiful and versatile gemstone! 


Our favourite pieces! 

From our Apatite collection, we’ve picked out some of our favourite pieces for you to choose from today.


Harmony Apatite Gold Bracelet 


This bracelet really is a gem in a gemstone collection! The stunning blue Apatite compliments the gold wonderfully. 


Salus Apatite Gemstone Silver Necklace 


This shorter necklace is a great piece to wear on its own, or as part of a beautifully layered look. Will you layer your gemstones or stick to the same throughout? 


Now you know why we love Apatite so much, we hope you’ll love it just as much! 


Browse the rest of this gorgeous collection today, or have a look through our other gemstone collections to find one that resonates with you - we’ve got a wide range of beautiful pieces for you to choose from, with all the crystals you could ever hope for! 

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