How to Care For Your Boho Betty Jewellery

How to Care For Your Boho Betty Jewellery

Jewellery is an amazing way to tie any look and any style together! 

(We’re experts on that, trust us!) 

So without a doubt, you will want all of your pieces to keep that same beautiful look, every time you wear it. 

Today we’re going to be discussing how you can keep that same great look every time! We will be covering jewellery storage, organisation, general care and more - we know you want to wear your jewellery forever, so let’s keep it in top condition. 

Jewellery storage and organisation 

Not only is it more convenient to be able to see your jewellery, but the correct storage also serves an organisational purpose! 

Certain pieces are considerably more fragile than others, and therefore need to be stored properly to avoid damage or tangling. 

It’s always worthwhile to organise in a good quality jewellery box, as they are designed for the very purpose of keeping them safe. They keep your pieces safe, with clear categories - making it easy to find the right pieces when you want to accessorise! If you have limited space on a dresser, you should opt for stackable organisers to keep your pieces organised with dividers. 

Similarly, you can dedicate a special place for your staple pieces with a jewellery dish on your desk or bedside table. But be aware not to get in the habit of carelessly throwing the pieces in there after a long day - that will only lead to tangling and damage! 

Care whilst wearing 

There are a few tips to remember when wearing your pieces, to ensure that they are kept looking at their best condition. 

One of the main points to be aware of is wearing your pieces in water. The main concern is not just in the shower or the bath, but more the case of chlorinated water. If you’re heading to a swimming pool or making a trip to the spa. The chemicals in the water can tarnish the jewellery, so it’s better to take off any pieces when you go to these places. 

Similarly, when it comes to chemicals, you should be careful of the chemicals in your products that can tarnish the jewellery. Products such as perfume, hairspray or makeup can all have an effect. 

Maintenance after wearing 

Different materials require different types of cleaning, but there are some general care rules that all pieces can follow. 

We recommend wiping each piece down after you’ve worn it with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove any dust and dirt that has built up during wear. For smaller, more fiddly pieces you can use a cotton bud to get into the smaller areas to ensure the whole area has been cleaned. 

Where possible, you should try to implement a regular cleaning routine for all of your pieces, particularly if you wear a certain piece regularly. 

Specialist cleaners can be used, but it’s vital to check the material before using any, as you can risk further, lasting damage. 

Start making jewellery maintenance and care part of your weekly routine - you don’t want to lose that beautiful shine!

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